Walk to These 5 Restaurants Near State Farm Stadium in Glendale

It’s the moment Arizona’s football fans have been waiting for. On Sunday, September 11, the Arizona Cardinals will play the Kansas City Chiefs at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

Those attending the game in person might want to grab a bite or a cold beer before kickoff at 1:25 p.m., or continue the party after the final whistle.

And while there are concession stands inside the 63,000-seat arena, including Gridiron Grill and Big Red Brew Haus, the Westgate Entertainment District across the street is home to a large collection of eateries and bars.

Just in time for gameday, here are five restaurants within walking distance from the stadium.


6770 North Sunrise Boulevard, Suite G111, Glendale

Carousel’s many fair-type games, pinball machines, and ping pong tables could cheer you up if your team is losing at halftime. And if you work up an appetite, the restaurant’s menu is stacked with entrees, appetizers, sandwiches, salads, flatbreads, and alcoholic beverages.

The burger roster is meaty, including the Westgate, Teriyaki-Hawaiian, and Prime Steakhouse, to name a few. Then there’s the $16 Mac Daddy Cheeseburger which comes in a brioche bun stuffed with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and oozing mac and cheese.

Impossible burgers and grilled chicken are available substitutions and all the burgers and sandwiches come with a choice of fries, garlic fries, tots, or a side salad. Watch the humungous TV screen outside and monitor the halftime show so you can dart back in time for the second half.

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Carne asada tacos and a michelada at Salt Tacos y Tequila

Mike Madriaga

Salt Tacos y Tequila

6751 North Sunset Boulevard, Glendale

Salt Tacos y Tequila is one of the first spots you see when walking into Westgate Entertainment District from State Farm Stadium. The restaurant and bar offers a large variety of Mexican cuisine, margaritas, and over 150 different kinds of tequila.

The restaurant’s name reminds you of the salt, but don’t forget the lime when you are doing shots while pre-gaming or celebrating after a no-time-outs-left comeback. Cerveza on tap runs $10.50 for a tall glass, and you can add a few bucks to make it a custom michelada with tomato juice, Tajín, lime and lemon juice, and hot sauce.

Taco trios are an excellent choice if you’re grubbing at the bar. The soft tacos start at $13 for a vegetarian option with grilled zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and onions, and then go up to $18 or $19 for the carne asada and Mahi Mahi variations.

Finally, if you’re beat by a yellow-flag inundated football game and want to relax before heading home, the restaurant’s entrees run deeper than our wide receivers. There are enchiladas, carnitas and carne asada plates and shrimp and prawn platters, some of which come with rice and beans.

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Pokitrition, on the north end of the Westgate Entertainment District, takes traditional poke to another level.

Mike Madriaga


9405 West Glendale Avenue, Suite 105, Glendale

Poke, pronounced poh-KAY, is a Polynesian appetizer originating in Hawaii and customarily made with raw tuna marinated in a soy-based sauce. Metro Phoenix chain Pokitrition, including its location on the north end of the Westgate Entertainment District, takes the traditional poke concept to another level, introducing the customizable sushi burrito called the “Poke Wrap” to the Arizona masses.

Poke Wraps start at $11.50 and use the same toppings as the poke bowls. Not to be confused with Hawaii’s Aloha Bowl or Hula Bowl, where many football greats gained their notoriety, Pokitrition has its own MVPs in an endless combination of ingredients.

Load up the bowls with white or brown rice, Furikake seasoning, protein of choice including ahi and other tuna options, salmon, cooked shrimp, and tofu, and a variety of fruit, vegetables, and dry toppings. If you’re not into seafood, order a Crispy Spam N’ Eggs Breakfast Burrito or bulgogi beef bowls.

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The chain restaurant, located in the middle of Westgate Entertainment District, offers an array of Cajun and Creole seafood.

Mike Madriaga

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

6751 North Sunset Boulevard Suite E101, Glendale

Hot N Juicy Crawfish located in the middle of Westgate Entertainment District offers an array of Cajun and Creole seafood. If you’re wearing your favorite team’s football jersey, you might want to don a bib as this meal could get messy.

When customers order the boiled or broiled seafood by-the-pound option, most of the items arive at the table in a bag filled with your choice of the restaurant’s five sauces, Juicy Cajun, Louisiana Style, Garlic Butter, Lemon Pepper, or Hot N Juicy. Prices per pound depend on the market. The Friday before kickoff on Week 1, crawfish was about $16 per pound.

Besides crawfish, this spot offers deep-fried and breaded oysters, crab, lobster, clams, shrimp, catfish, and calamari, all prepared with Southern-style spices. If you are late for the coin toss, a Po’ Boy might be a faster and cleaner option. The classic Louisiana-style sandwich stuffed with breaded and deep-fried crawfish, soft shell crab, catfish, shrimp, or chicken pairs perfectly with a side of corn, Cajun, or sweet potato fries.

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Meats are served sauce-free at NakedQ.

Tirion Morris


9405 West Glendale Avenue, Suite 120, Glendale

Towards the district’s north end, you may catch a wonderful smell coming from smokers stacked with pecan wood and oak. Ribs, pulled pork and chicken, chopped and sliced brisket, sliced turkey, and jalapeño hot links are smoked and served without sauce at NakedQ.

And if you and your buddies are lured by the smoke for a pre-game snack before soaking up some brews, a sandwich packed with meat should sustain you. The sandwiches are $10 to $11 and come with one choice of side, including coleslaw, BBQ beans, potato salad, veggies, or cornbread.

Then, come post-game, if you’re hangry at a lousy referee call, NakedQ’s $16 barbecue platters are sure to provide some comfort. They come with two types of meat, cornbread, and two additional sides. After the naked ‘cue arrives at the table, you can add the restaurant’s South Carolina mustard sauce, North Carolina-style vinegar sauce, or traditional spicy or sweet sauces to create a meal hearty enough to cheer up any angry linebacker.

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