Social media’s ‘corn kid’ Tariq named South Dakota’s ‘corn-bassador’

A now-viral video interview on social media had rocketed Tariq the “corn kid” to another moment of fame, making him South Dakota’s new “corn-bassador” for his beloved product of agriculture.

Tariq was honored by South Dakota officials and the state’s Gov. Kristi Noem signed an executive proclamation naming him officially as their ambassador of corn.

South Dakota has a Corn Palace honoring the famous crop and calling the “palace,” located in the town of Mitchell, the only one in the world.

Tariq became well known after a video shared by the Instagram account @recess_therapy interviewed him while eating an ear of grilled and buttered corn as he spoke of all of its wonderful qualities.

“For me, I really like corn,” Tariq said as he pronounced the word “corn” in his unique way.

He said that when he “tried it with butter, everything changed!”

Tariq’s endearing spirit and enthusiasm won the hearts of many who saw the video, including some of the over 2 million followers of the account where the video was shared.

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