Selleys offers much-needed DIY home improvement solutions

SHAH ALAM: In their effort to empower people to fix simple household repairs, Selleys organised an interactive session with media representatives as well as an influencers engagement workshop, #DareToRepair, on July 21, 2022.

As a leading brand in Australia and New Zealand for over 80 years, Selleys has a comprehensive range of products such as sealants, adhesives (construction and household), fillers, lubricants, a cleaning range and paint accessories. 

In 2019, Nippon Paint Holdings Co Ltd (Nippon Paint Holdings) acquired DuluxGroup Limited as part of Nippon Paint Holding’s global expansion initiative. Since May 2020, Nippon Paint Malaysia (Nippon Paint) has housed Selleys’ range of products, further expanding its home improvement segment.

During the event, participants were given the opportunity to experience Selleys products hands-on, thus encouraging them to #DareToRepair. 

The five key products that were featured during the event were: 

  • RP7: Capable of stopping squeaks, lubricating window hinges or drawer joints
  • No More Gaps: Fills in fine cracks on walls
  • Knead It Underwater: Seals holes in leaking pipes and fix broken ceramic household items
    Supa Glue: Fixes broken plastic household items
  • Liquid Nails: Used for fixing wall bookshelf, broken cabinets, and other Do It Yourself (DIY) projects 

Dedicated to offering high-quality, innovative products that will meet consumers’ needs, Selleys aims to expand its market footprint by increasing product awareness and demand for items that can assist in home improvement to the public, as well as making it more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Nippon Paint general manager of Group Trade User Business Chen Lee Siong said, “We understand that the cost of repair or even decorating has increased over the past years, increasing the demand and interest for DIY home improvement products.  

“We hope with our product, more homeowners can fix simple household repairs by themselves, thus saving time, cost and reducing stress of facing a broken or malfunctioning piece at home.”

As the demand for home improvement in the DIY segment has increased tremendously, Selleys aims to be the frontrunner in the segment driven by its easy-to-use solutions targeted for homeowners. 

Moving forward, Chen said Selleys will continue to innovate new products that would make more household fixes easier to be done at home.

Since the acquisition was completed, Selleys has contributed four per cent to the overall Nippon Paint revenue and is targeting to have a 100 per cent growth in the coming year. 

This is driven by the heightened interest of Malaysians in general to DIY their own homes especially for easy fixes.

Selleys’ product range can be found at authorised dealers, hardware stores and online

For more information about Selleys and its products, visit their website.

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