Sarawak adopts Health Ministry’s face mask guideline

Masking up is however still mandatory for Covid-19 patients going to health facilities. – Malay Mail photo

KUCHING (Sept 7): The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has agreed to adopt the Health Ministry’s guideline to make indoor masking optional effective immediately.

However, premises owners have the right to decide whether to request customers to continue wearing masks when being inside their building, SDMC added.

The committee however stressed that it is still compulsory for Covid-19 patients to wear face masks when going to Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) for health checks; when using public transport such as bus, taxi, e-hailing services and airplane; and when inside health facilities, including hospital, clinic, nursing home and haemodialysis centre, among others.

SDMC also strongly encouraged masking up when in crowded areas such as the market, stadium and houses of worship; for symptomatic individuals such as those experiencing fever, cough and flu-like symptoms; and when interacting with high-risk individuals such as senior citizens, patients suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women and people with low immunity.

“Since May 1, 2022, the wearing of face masks is only mandatory when indoors and in public transport including e-Hailing services. Based on the assessment of the current Covid-19 situation and taking into account the current needs, the Health Ministry has announced that wearing face masks indoors is now optional.

“However, premises owners can determine whether it is compulsory for visitors to  wear a face mask when entering their premises, or optional.

“In addition, people are highly encouraged to wear face masks because it has been proven to reduce the spread of Covid-19 infection,” said SDMC.

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