New apartments downtown could help students in need of housing

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — New apartments are coming to Fourth Avenue. The owners are working with the community to make sure this complex benefits as many people as possible.

“I do feel like there’s less on-campus options,” said Adriona Palmer, a student at University of Arizona.

Some University of Arizona students started the school year without a place to live.

“Almost all apartments were fully rented,” said Parvina Sharvonova, a student at University of Arizona. “For two weeks we had to stay in a hotel near the airport.”

“I just assumed I’d have housing no matter what, since I got in I thought they’d save room,” Palmer said. “But then I went to do it all and they said ‘We’re actually full right now and suggest you do off-campus housing.”

They were able to rest once they looked downtown, along Fourth Avenue.

“I think it’s good I ventured off the website,” Palmer said.

“I think off-campus housing is much more affordable for us,” Sharvonova said.

Soon students could have another housing option with the upcoming Tucson Fourth Avenue Apartments. The 13-story complex will stand next to O’Malleys and Ermanos. It’s between downtown and the University of Arizona.

“Right when you come from the underpass of downtown, that is basically the conduit to get downtown on Fourth Avenue and then to the University and Main Gate,” said Casey Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association.

It will have 323 multi-family, market rate apartments. The developer is working with the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association to build in a way that would benefit the community.

“Whenever you build it brings people, we want people to come and explore Fourth Avenue,” Anderson said. “I think we’ll see an influx of that foot traffic when these major projects take place.”

The complex is in a popular spot downtown, so local businesses were concerned about parking. But the developer says it will have a three level parking ramp with 32 retail parking spaces and bicycle parking. Construction is expected to be finished by June of 2024.



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