Lumi News app combines Malaysia's top stories in one personalised feed

FOR those looking for a simple, fast way to keep up with daily news on the New Straits Times, the Lumi News app is a one-stop solution, providing readers access to a curated feed of articles.

Designed with the goal of bringing uninterrupted news to readers in a fast and smooth way, the Lumi News app cuts through the chaos of social media. It connects people directly to over 45 trusted news sources, including the New Straits Times.

Furthermore, with the Lumi News Stacks feature, readers get instant access to a compilation of must-read articles on any given topic, all in one shareable feed.

The articles are specially picked from a variety of publishers by the Lumi content team, so everyone can see and share the best articles reported about a hot topic.


With Lumi News Stacks, readers can instantly share not just one, but a whole curated feed of articles to family and friends on multiple channels, including WhatsApp.

This feature is particularly helpful when it comes to important news events that are constantly evolving, such as flood updates, new standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as national events.

Last but not least, the Lumi News app allows users to customise the kind of content they enjoy reading.

Readers can ‘follow’ certain publishers, like the New Straits Times, and get instantly notified of trending news from those sites. They can also choose to ‘follow’ over 25 different topics, resulting in a truly personalised feed.

Download the Lumi News app here.

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