Celcom Business: A trusted partner to accelerate success together

BUSINESSES stand to benefit from this era of rapid change and digitalisation. 

In order to achieve their full potential and stay competitive, they must broaden their horizons by adapting to the latest technology, from cloud computing to online transactions. 

Unfortunately, many businesses lack the time, know-how, budget and skills to embrace digital transformation.  

It has become necessary for business owners to engage in a partner that will not only keep them moving forward but that will inspire them to grow and thrive.

That is why telecommunications provider Celcom Axiata Berhad, through Celcom Business, aims to help businesses move forward via digitalisation.


With Celcom Axiata Berhad’s leadership and experience of over 34 years, businesses can leverage on their strength and expertise to accelerate success together.

Celcom Business understands that running a business, big or small, comes with its own set of challenges.  

That is why having Celcom Business as a partner will help businesses embrace change and navigate growth through their comprehensive ecosystem of solutions. 

Basically, Celcom Business offers to:

– Connect people with mobile solutions by providing seamless connectivity on-the-go

– Connect places with fixed solutions by delivering high bandwidth, high-performance connectivity

– Connect machines with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by bringing intelligence to machines and assets

– Manage data with cloud solutions by managing and transforming data through cloud computing

– Protect data with cybersecurity solutions by protecting data and intellectual properties

The good news is that small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations as well as the public sector will be able to make use of Celcom Business’ solutions. 

As embracing digital technologies for SMEs may be still new and complicated, Celcom Business aims to connect the digital dots that are lacking in their business to help them become efficient by using digital technologies. 

Grocery store Fresh St Grocer is a local SME that successfully adapted their business online. 

Owner Tiffany Ong said, “Business owners should sooner than later consider the benefits of adapting to transform their businesses online.

“They would not have to juggle and manage too many issues with manpower by themselves, as operations will be automated and processes will flow beyond their expectations.”

For corporations and the public sector, operating with greater efficiency and productivity can be made possible by tapping into digital solutions. This includes leveraging relevant digital technologies to increase productivity, education and cybersecurity that can have a significant impact on the country’s economy.

While most organisations are fully aware of the importance of digitalisation, the concern lies in whether it can be integrated seamlessly. 

With Celcom Business’ industry and digital expertise, paired with partnerships with world-class solution providers, organisations will be able to ‘level up’ in knowledge and gain creative ways of exploring, new ways of collaborating and new product opportunities powered by Celcom technology.

In a nutshell, Celcom Business is determined to help SMEs, corporations and the public sector embrace change and navigate growth through their comprehensive ecosystem of solutions:

– Mobile solutions such as MEGA for Business, Location Based Advertising, Bulk Messaging, Social Media Messaging, M2M

– Fixed solutions such as Business Fibre, Business Wireless, Internet Leased Line, SD-WAN

– IoT solutions such as Smart City, Smart Surveillance, Smart Agriculture, Smart Healthcare solutions

– Cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, etc

– Cybersecurity solutions such as Endpoint Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Database Security, Application Security, Management and Detection, Cyber Consultancy, and Managed Services

Learn more about how Celcom Business can help organisations accelerate success together at their website.

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